The longest birthing process ever-How my blog came to be.

The birth of a baby is not simple but you pretty much know how it’s going to go down. It starts with phase 1, the fun part, where you get to conceive said baby. Then there’s phase 2, the horrendous part where you have to cart it around, gain weight and deal with the monetary hassles that come with ensuring that the baby is taken care. Then the baby is born and it turns out that it was all worth it-phase 3. Well, at least that’s what I’ve heard; I haven’t had one of my own.

This blog is the closest thing that I’ve ever had to a baby. If you exclude my iPad, MacBook, HP laptop and other things that I spent shit loads of my own money on or spent months trying to convince my mom to pay for. My 3 phases were obviously a little different. Giving birt to a blog is not a natural thing so the process is not set out for us.

Phase 1
Pre internet- For the longest time I pretty much had my blog in my head. Mostly because I was smart enough not to write anything down because I lived with 4 other nosey people and as a nosy person I knew that if I ever found one of those old school fluffy journals with a lock and a key I would definitely read it.

Phase 2

Phase 2 reared its ugly head in high school when I realised that I did not really want to journal about my private life cause as someone who didn’t have much of a private life, I didn’t have many secrets. I began writing about things that I read about or observed but then I lost the book I used so that idea was a bust. Besides, no one was reading it and if you aren’t using your journal as a way to pour your heart out or deal with your feelings then what’s the point?

Phase 3

Phase 3 began about 5 months ago (when i actually registered this blog). Now I had no excuse. There was the internet so obviously there was no risk of losing my new baby. The internet was my saving grace again in that there was at least a 1% chance that someone would read it (thanks by the way) which means that I won’t be writing for my own health.

Just as with a real life baby phase 3 is a suuuper long phase and you don’t really know when it’ll end or if it’ll ever end. My point is that just like a first time parent I really don’t know what I’m doing or what I’m getting myself into but I know that I want to do it.

This is just a blog with essays about things that I observe, movie and series references, things that I find funny, things I want to complain about, things that piss me off and maybe all of that put together.

At the risk of sounding desperate, if you’ve gotten this far with reading the first post then please don’t give up on me, keep reading. You might just be my only reader and you might just realise you enjoy it. So let’s chat.

Latas on the manjay (I love you man movie reference)